Meal Sign Up

Hello, Panther Regiment families!

Band Camp is just days away and we will have many hungry mouths to feed at dinner each day. Each day will feature either a catered meal or delicious homemade food. We will offer fresh fruits and vegetables (and cookies!) every day, and so we rely heavily on your donations.

If everyone helps out in some way, this will be easy. We need food donations such as:
-fresh fruit (washed & ready to eat)
-fresh veggies (washed & ready to eat)
-taco meat (cooked & seasoned) and toppings
-macaroni & cheese (hot!)
-desserts: cookies and brownies

All food should please be brought in DISPOSABLE bags or containers. The only exceptions are the BBQ, taco meat and mac & cheese, which would most easily be served from crock pots, CLEARLY MARKED with your name, and will please be claimed by the end of band camp.

Please use the link to the Google Docs spreadsheet below to sign up for your donations so everyone will know what is still needed. If we discover we need anything else as the week goes on, we will let everyone know. All food donations should be delivered before 3:45pm each day.

We have at least one student with peanut and tree nut allergies. Please help us make sure that all food items are nut-free. This includes preventing cross-contamination in your kitchen as you prepare the food (even fresh fruits/veggies) and naturally also means no nuts or nut-containing products in desserts or any other items. If purchasing pre-packaged items from the store, please check the label for nut information.

This year will be a little different.  We will serve dinner Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday in the cafeteria.  Thursday and Friday we will serve from the Brown Building.  I will arrive at the respected serving location around 3pm every day. You may bring your food then, or leave it inside earlier in the day. There is a refrigerator in the uniform room – go to the band room, through Dubie’s office, and hang a left. Please clearly mark everything you leave in there, so we’re sure to not miss anything. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact me.

We also need 4-6 volunteers to set up and serve the food each day. You may sign up for this on the same spreadsheet.  This year I will also need 3 or 4 people who are willing to warm the BBQ in their crock-pots Monday.  Please sign up on the spreadsheet and plan on meeting me at the Brown Building Sunday around 3:00 PM to pick up the BBQ.

We’re looking forward to a wonderful 2017 Panther Regiment season. Thank you so much for your willingness to help keep our kids well fed this week, and your understanding with our efforts to maintain a safe food environment for everyone.

Kim Cox
Vice President
BHSS Band Boosters