Concessions Q&A

Who are the BHSS Band Boosters?

All parents with children in any of the BHSS bands are automatically members:  Concert Band, Panther Regiment Marching Band, Jazz Band, Summer Parade Band and Solo/Ensemble Competition. Other individuals, such as alumni, grandparents, and community members, are certainly welcome. There are no dues.  What we do is volunteer our time to enhance the value of the band program for our children.

Why do the band boosters work at the concession stands?

This is the fund raiser to support all aspects of the Bloomington High School South Band program.  The Band department has teamed with the Athletics Department.  The Band boosters provide volunteers to staff the concession stands at all BHSS athletic events.  The two departments split the profits.  It’s a win-win arrangement.  Raising money through concessions keeps us from having to charge all band students $1000 or more to be in band.  Many other schools do not have this opportunity so must charge for each student to be in band to cover costs.  This opportunity means that we raise money through providing a service to the community, rather than trying to sell things people don’t really want or need in order to raise money

How much money is raised?   How are the proceeds used?

In the 2013-14 school year, the Band Boosters earned $17,777 from our share of concession sales.  This money enables Dubie to purchase and repair instruments, buy music, pay sectional teachers, and provide entrance fees to jazz band, solo and ensemble events. In addition, this money is used for scholarships for music camp as well as awards to exceptional graduating seniors. In addition, the money helps pay for marching band needs.

How often should we volunteer to work in a concession stand?

If every band family (not just marching band) would volunteer at least one family member to work just 5 athletic events during the school year, we would be well on our way to meeting our commitment to staff concessions for every BHSS athletic event.  Certainly those who can volunteer more are needed and most appreciated.  Remember, band members themselves, as well as their parents, can volunteer.

How do I volunteer?

Dave Witte is the current volunteer coordinator.  He manages a spreadsheet so you can see the events, the number of volunteers needed, and the report time.  This is the link to that website:

When I decide the date(s) and event(s) I can work, what do I do?

Send an e-mail to the volunteer coordinator, , listing the date(s) and event(s) you will work.  You will be added to the spreadsheet and you will receive a reply e-mail with a “Thank you!” Please plan on arriving at the appropriate concession stand (Brown Building for outdoor events or the concession stand on the East side of the school by the basketball court for indoor events) at the listed report time.

When I volunteer, how much time should I expect to work at a given event?

That depends on the event.  Generally, “report time” is 45-60 minutes before the start of the event and finishes 15-30 minutes after the event.  Specific sports will vary regarding length of the event, but you can expect to be there in the range of 3-4 hours.  These are sports for which the concession stands are open:

Fall sports (August-November)
Friday night football: boys, varsity
Saturday morning football: boys, freshmen and jv
Volleyball: girls, jv and varsity
Middle school football (normally only 2 Wednesdays)

Winter sports (November-March)
Swimming/Diving: boys and girls, middle schools and BHSS
Wrestling, boys
Basketball, girls and boys, freshmen, jv, and varsity
Gymnastics, girls

Spring sports (March-June)
Track and Field, boys and girls, middle schools and BHSS

What does the “opener” do?

The opener picks up the keys from the volunteer coordinator’s  residence, opens the concession area doors, unlocks the coolers and storage areas, start popcorn, set up nacho station, start hot dogs, serves as the captain for the event, sees that all is cleaned up, restocked, and locked up, then returns the keys to the volunteer coordinator’s  residence. This role is done by a volunteer with some experience.  They do not need to count money or deliver it to anyone, that is done by the treasurer.

What if I have an emergency, must arrive late or leave early, or even must cancel?

That’s OK.  Just tell the volunteer coordinator when you sign up or phone as soon as you know what your schedule will be.

What if I have a problem with the money (money not there or running out of change)?

Call the treasurer, Regina DiLavore.

BHSS Band Booster Leadership Team for 2015-16

Travis Jerke, president
Kim Cox, vice president
Dave Witte, volunteer coordinator
Randall Floyd, technology
Regina DiLavore, treasurer
Joanna Hahn, concessions
Tommy and Margaret Shields, equipment and uniforms